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Our more comprehensive Christian Meditation iPhone app includes ten of The Five-Minute Christian Meditations, four additional scriptural meditations, and an eight-minute audio meditation. 

The Five-Minute Christian Meditation iPhone app will assist you with learning the important art of meditation.  It will fill your mind with Word of God and its empowering language.  Each meditation will guide you through a brief meditation on three verses from the Bible.

The iPhone app includes a choice of ten meditations.  You choose your meditation based on what type of messages you need most from God’s Word at the moment. 

In many ways, Christian meditation is a lost art. It is not actively practiced by many Christians today.  White Buffalo Solutions created The Five-Minute Christian Meditation to provide Christians with a simple tool to learn to incorporate meditation into their daily worship.  It can be a first step in learning the art of Christian meditation as well as a way to refocus and recharge.  For further guidance, see our suggested Christian Meditation Resources.

If you have a favorite verse you would like to see in future Christian Meditations, send your verse to susan@whitebuffalosolutions.com.

God bless you in your desire to learn more about meditation!


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The Five-Minute Christian Mediation Choices

I want help with:

Forgiving Others

Forgiving Myself

Overcoming Worry

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Psalm 23

I want to know:

Our Heavenly Father

I want to:

Praise Him!

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